About me

Polish/Egyptian journalist, currently living in Egypt.

Winner of the CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Awards 2016 in Culture.

Read more here , check the CNN awards website here, watch the video about the winning story here, and read the story here.


Editor of Ahram Online’s Arts and Culture section since May 2010, prior to the website’s launch later the same year.

Also writes about music and arts for Al-Ahram Weekly, since 2009.


Prior to joining Al-Ahram, I was the editorial director and one of three founders of The Art Review (2004-2008), the first English-language bi-monthly publication about arts in Egypt.

I was practicing journalism and writing still during my university years, writing for an array of different local and regional publications including Al-Ahram Hebdo, Community Times magazine, Daily News Egypt, Al Ebdaa quarterly magazine, The Art Review, UAE-based Contemporary Practices magazine, and the UK-based Al-Sharq Al-Awsat and the Majalla magazine.

In 2010, I was awarded the Cultural Leadership International grant from the British Council in Egypt.

Born into an artistic family of whom all members are engaged in different art mediums, live with, exist and breath among the artists. I don’t know any other life…

Though I tried a lot of art forms, I found that writing is my way of dealing with the world that surrounds us. My biggest passions are in writing about music, art education and art as a tool that has a great power of transforming and improving lives of many underprivileged and/or marginalized communities.

This blog’s background picture representing ‘audience’ was taken by Sherif Sonbol at the Cairo Opera House some time in 2011…


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